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Baideshikrojagar.com has continued to grow with the times. It is a web-portal of Nepal written in English. It provides information about health, education and tourism. It provides news, headlines, and latest academic events of Nepal. Baideshikrojagar.com has large number of visitors and is one of the trusted web-portal of Nepal. Baideshikrojagar.com is a portal which consists of news, notes, updates, academic results and practice work.

baideshikrojagar.com is always on a dedication for its improvement.

Baideshikrojagar.com provides News, specially foregin empument. is most visited and most trusted source of information in Nepal.

Although we feel our success to date is something to be celebrated, for us this is only the beginning and as we continue the progression of Baideshikrojagar.com we would like to share our future successes with you!